VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s been two years since Vancouver welcomed the world to the Olympic Games, and its athletes to the Athletes Village.

Now known as the Village on False Creek, the struggle to sell homes in the community was making headlines even before the games arrived. Still, people walking around the village Sunday said they see some positive signs.

“It’s going to be a good thing if more businesses get in here, and it’ll… feel like much more of a tiny little sort of city within a city,” said Noah Grant.

“It’s been great for the neighbourhood.  Like this whole area has changed because of this Olympic Village,” added Sylvia Ho, who lives nearby.

“There’s a Terra Breads here now, so that’s sort of a sign that businesses are starting to open up,” said Jeff Sketchley.

Paul Gully loves his home in the Village.

“Clearly it’s attracting people now. You can see around here there’s a lot of activity.  In the summertime it’s really busy,” said Gully.

While noting the market will decide the neighbourhood’s fate, most people seem to believe the community will become quite vibrant.

“The views are great, we’re seeing some new businesses opening up so I do think it’s a positive thing,” said resident Candace Ryding.

“For us personally, living in the neighbourhood, yeah, we’re seeing some positive changes but I think it’s a bit slower than was being expected,” said Goran Yerkovich.

“More people are moving in now, but I think it still has a bit of a way to go,” suggested Kathleen Stormont, who is also disappointed the development doesn’t have more affordable housing.