VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Your child’s principal may be displaying symptoms of stress as the teachers’ job action drags on. Administrators are dealing with an increased workload and it’s showing.

Jameel Aziz is the president of the BC Principals’ & Vice-Principals’ Association. He tells us administrators all over the province are getting ill more than ever before.

“I’m hearing from school districts that they are seeing higher rates of absenteeism [and] higher rates of sickness. There are a number of leaves by principals and vice-principals in various districts around the province,” says Aziz.

He explains administrators are working an hour and a half more every day and overtime can affect health. “Whether that’s related to phase one of the strike or not, I really couldn’t say. But I certainly know that when you’re putting in all sorts of extra time, there is a whole level of stress that is added to your daily routine.”

It’s not just physical ailments; mental strain is growing because principals can’t fully communicate with teachers because of the job action.

“I know that the levels of stress and the feedback that I get from people is definitely building and the real concern I’m hearing from people is just being able to collaborate and communicate with their staff,” notes Aziz.

He adds the situation is worse at elementary schools, where isolation and a larger workload is apparent because they are much smaller with fewer staff members.