VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The group representing bars and private liquor stores doesn’t understand why the BC government is selling off the liquor distribution branch warehouses.

ABLE BC’s Poma Dhaliwal is questioning why the government would change a system that isn’t broken. He says it’s too early to tell how the budget announcement will change the price we pay for booze, but adds the current liquor distribution system is working just fine.

“We have got a pretty good control on it, so people want the liquor store price product they can go to the liquor store and if they are looking for convince they can go to the private liquor stores.”

Dhaliwal fears that the sale could lead to problems with private stores.

“Pretty soon operators don’t run as well as they should because they don’t have a lot at stake. They become mom and pop operators and pretty soon you have people selling to underage.

Dhaliwal says liquor store operators are waiting anxiously for more details to emerge. He adds the changes may not even happen considering the Liberal government could be voted out next year.