VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s a rare charge in BC, but a Vancouver man will stand trial for bestiality.

Brian Cutteridge is accused of engaging in sex acts with his dogs.

Marcie Moriarty
, with the BCSPCA‘s Cruelty Investigations Department, says they started investigating the 37-year-old about two years ago. There are reports the investigation began after a veterinarian alerted the BCSPCA to an infection in one of the Cutteridge’s dogs. Moriarty would not confirm or deny these reports.

It’s the first time the BCSPCA has recommended a bestiality charge in this province in at least seven years. “This is a crime that often does go unnoticed because it tends to take place behind closed doors, so when we did receive the concern, it was a difficult case to investigate,” says Moriarty.

She adds Cutteridge has had some of his dogs seized over other welfare issues in the past. “That’s one of the things too, with respect to this particular crime. It is not only illegal in Canada, but it definitely has animal welfare implications.”

Cutteridge is set to appear in court next month to decide a date for trial. If convicted, he faces up to 10 years in jail.