VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – People opposed to smart meters say they’re being bullied into getting them and it’s time Premier Christy Clark put a halt to it.

A small group gathered outside BC Hydro‘s Dunsmuir St. office this morning on Pink Shirt Day, meant to combat bullying in Canada. Several similar rallies were held across BC.

The irony wasn’t lost on Joely Collins, who sported a pink turtleneck and jacket. She says she has felt ill since smart meters were installed at her workplace and feels BC Hydro and the province’s push for them are a form of bullying.

“We’re being told we don’t have a choice, that everybody, by the end of December 2012, has to have a wireless smart meter,” she said.  “There’s been no public discussion and no public forum on this.  There’s been no public consent on this.  And I don’t really understand why they’re wireless, they could have wired them in.”

Hydro insists the smart meters are safe for people but opponents say enough cities have raised concerns that they should be optional.
Collins has a similar message for the Premier:

“Listen to your people and give us a choice. And for those that don’t want a smart meter, to let them opt out of the program.  There are a lot of health issues involved.  I just want to be heard by my government,” Collins said.
Hydro said it will temporarily delay installing a smart meter while it works to answer any questions people may have but they are a necessary upgrade to the electrical system.