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Who's the boss? Dealing with co-workers after promotion

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Got a promotion? Good for you!

But what about those workplace buddies — the ones you used to go to for support and advice — who are now your direct reports?

“One of the most sticky situations [can be] when you’re a new boss is bossing around the people who used to be your friends at work,” says Jacqueline Nelson, staff writer at Canadian Business Magazine. “It can be an awkward situation.”

“The first thing you should do is sit down with some of these former colleagues and and discuss with them what their individual concerns might be. Everyone will have different questions about what your responsibilities are, what you’re going to continue to do with them and what you might not be able to do anymore,” she explains.

Despite changes to the office dynamic, those friendships can be balanced with your new authority.

“It’s a myth that you have to cut out people that used to be your friends or even that it’s always a sticky situation. You’d be surprised at how many people are really happy for you and really want to work with you,” notes Nelson.

She adds as boss, you can use your knowledge of your workmates’ personal lives to your advantage. “Not in a manipulative way, but in a way that can help you best support your team.”

“If you know someone has some upcoming maternity leave that they haven’t announced yet and they have needs in that regard or maybe they’re training for a sporting event and there are certain nights you know they’re not available, you can plan and schedule work and meetings to get the most out of your team.”

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