OTTAWA (1310NEWS) – There may soon be a court challenge over the robocall scandal.

The Council of Canadians is consulting with voters who received fraudulent or harassing phone calls in the last election. The organization may soon file legal applications to have riding results overturned.

The focus will be on 20 key ridings where there is strong evidence these calls may have impacted the outcome.

The council says this isn’t about targeting certain parties, it’s about protecting democracy, and it’s only the voters or the candidates who can file applications.

Steven Shrybman is a lawyer for the organization and says they will be breaking new ground.

“This type of fraud hasn’t been a feature of the Canadian electoral process. This is unprecedented and new.”

The Elections Canada Act states the legal action has to take place within 30 days of someone finding out there is fraudulent activity. Since this news made headlines just last week, there is little time to get the process going.