BURNABY (NEWS1130) – A four-legged hero that chased off would-be intruders from his Burnaby home last weekend ended up beaten and shot, but now there’s good news about Rumble, the American Straffordshire terrier.

After finding Rumble near death from his wounds his owners took him to a local clinic, where his bills rose to $3,500. But Dr. Michael King with Canada West Veterinary Specialists offered to perform the intensive operation to repair his bullet wound and severely broken leg for free.

“Unfortunately there’s no public health system for dogs, of course, so what we’re doing in his particular case, since he’s a little bit of a hero, is to donate our time and labour costs,” Dr. King said.

“He’s such an unusual case. I mean, we get the occasional gunshot injury, but to have one that was trying to protect his home like this in such a terrible situation, we felt it would be a gesture on our part to try and help him out as much as possible.”

Rumble still faces a long road to recovery, but Dr. King expects he’ll be back protecting his family soon.

Donations are being accepted at the clinic to help pay for some of the hard costs associated with the dog’s care, including post-operative care and physiotherapy. They can be mailed or brought in person to: 1988 Kootenay Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V5M 4Y3.