VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Today is a big day for the gadget nut in your life; Apple will launch its latest iPad at an event in San Francisco this morning.

The change from the iPad 2 to this latest tablet isn’t expected to be as profound as last year’s step-up from the original model.

Rumoured to be called the iPad HD, tech journalist Akash Sablok says you can expect the device to have an HD screen, more processing power and longer battery life; that means this version will also be a little larger than its predecessor.

“The current one is 86.9 mm whereas the new one is going to be 95 mm. So, it will be about 8.1 millimetres thicker and that’s one to accommodate the higher resolution screen and, of course, a bigger battery,” explains Sablok, adding the price will stay the same.

“You’re basically going to get a lot more features for the same price and then there should be a price reduction in the iPad 2.  Another rumour is that they’re going to introduce an 8GB iPad 2 and sell it at a much lower price alongside the new iPad,” he tells us.

If last year’s launch of the iPad 2 is any guide, this new model could hit stores in the States as early as next week.

Reporter Mike Yawney with our partner station CityNews will be in San Francisco for today’s launch. A feed, pulling in all tweets that include the word “iPad,” can be found here, starting at 9:30 a.m.