BURNABY (NEWS1130) – A school in Burnaby has turned Pink Shirt Day into a month-long effort to extend kindness to others.

Students at Seaforth elementary were tasked with not only with thinking about how to be kind, but how to present their ideas to the rest of the school.

On Thursday night, parents, teachers and students gathered at the school for the culmination of Kindness Month.

Rhylin Bailie, the chair of the school’s Parent Advisory Council, says the showcase evening featured the work of budding artists, poets, film-makers and writers.

“Some of the videos were focused on bullying. The students gave an example of a child being bullied and another child intervening.  A child wrote a story about kindness and helping someone who is in a new situation and feels uncomfortable,” she explains.

The coordinators of Kindness Month were especially pleased that the efforts went beyond the school.

“Kids were saying ‘My family went and bought a meal for a homeless person today.’  That was our objective. We not only wanted kids doing things within the school but we wanted it to grow beyond the boundaries of the school, to have them thinking about making a difference in their community.”

Bailie says she’s looking forward to organizing another Kindness Month next year.