VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Daylight Saving Time can be the least wonderful time of the year for the sleep-deprived.
Many of us may well be doing the sleepwalk Monday morning, but registered occupational therapist Jennifer Garden says it doesn’t have to be that way.
Her advice: go to bed an hour earlier the night before the time change, or better yet, break up that lost hour of sleep over several nights.

“In order to just make it a little bit easier for a change to your internal clock, it would be better to actually just do it by incremental steps.”

Garden also specializes in pediatric sleep disturbances and recommends ease your child gradually before the clocks spring forward.
“Going to bed four nights prior, so 15 minutes, just edge it up, 15 minutes every night and then it’s less of an impact on your body.”

She points out it’s important for children to get enough sleep as it can effect their memory and concentration.