VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – Most children in BC may be out on Spring Break this week, but teachers are busy discussing the next course of action in their ongoing labour dispute.
The BC Teachers Federation executive is meeting in Vancouver this week, and will consider whether to withdraw more services from classrooms such as extracurricular activities.
As the union looks at withdrawing more services, some parents are wondering if they’ll ever see their children’s report cards.
Teachers haven’t issued report cards all school year, but Simon Fraser University Education Professor, Milt McClaren, says students haven’t been harmed by it. “They are basically a summary of a student’s performance in a very precise form. You don’t get a large amount of information on a standard report card.”

McClaren adds parents are already getting adequate updates on their children’s progress even without report cards. “I think that they’ve already been getting information. I’ve got grandchildren in the early years of primary and they get a ton of information.”

However, McClaren said report cards are important to students in the long term, especially for those in high school.
The government‘s education bill could pass as soon as this week. When passed, Bill 22 will legislate teachers back to work and require them to give out report cards.