George Clooney and his father were arrested during a protest outside Sudan’s embassy in Washington, Friday.

The actor says he has asked U.S. president Barack Obama to engage China in stopping a humanitarian crisis in northern Africa.

A crowd outside the embassy cheered as Clooney, his father Nick, and other activists were led away in plastic handcuffs and placed in a United States Secret Service van.

Democratic U.S. Rep. Jim Moran of Virginia and civil rights leader Ben Jealous were also arrested.

The group had been warned three times not to cross the police line.

Clooney was later released from custody after paying a $100 fine.  He then spoke to reporters about his time in jail.

“We were all in a cell together, it was nice. It is on my permanent record and you know that picture’s going to be all over everything,” Clooney said with a laugh.

He and his fellow activists were trying to draw attention to problems in Sudan, where the country’s president is accused of blocking food and aid from getting to people in the Nuba Mountains.