VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s one of the busiest travel times of the year with lots of families taking advantage of Spring Break.

This mid-March weekend always sees a boost in traffic, and with that, an increase in accidents.

BCAA‘s Allan Lamb says the most important thing to staying safe on the road is to give yourself plenty of time.

“If you’ve got an half hour drive ahead of you, then why not leave five minutes earlier than you normally would leave so that you can enjoy it,” explains Lamb. “You can back off from the car that is in front of you and not get involved in a traffic crash we hope.”

“It’s really about time management, just making sure you are as relaxed as possible and of course, focused and not distracted on punctuality and getting to your destination on time. It’s just a matter of enjoying ourselves and enjoying this beautiful province,” adds Lamb.

With the unpredictable spring weather that we can see here in BC, Lamb reminds people to drive for the condition of the road. He adds spring is the time we see a spike in the number of impaired driving crashes.