VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The kids are out of school this week and you’re itching to take them on a holiday, but can you do it on a budget?

Visa Canada’s Melissa Cassar says yes, it’s all about being flexible with your travel plans.

“What I always do when I go on vacation, I don’t necessarily have to leave on a Friday and comeback on a Sunday,” explains Cassar. “Be flexible and decide to go mid-week on a Wednesday. A lot of people probably left out of Vancouver Airport on Friday to get ahead of the rush, but those people who leave on Tuesday might find a better deal.”

Cassar adds a road trip can be another great option for getting out of town. “It allows you to be a bit more flexible. If the kids want to do something on a particular day, then it allows you to have freedom of movement and go to where they want to go.”

Cassar reminds you to tell your bank if you go overseas so they don’t cancel your credit cards.