VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Air Canada at YVR is still dealing with the impact of an earlier wildcat strike in Toronto and other cities.

Baggage handlers staged their own walkout to show support for their union workers at Pearson Airport.

For almost two hours, all you could see was fluorescent yellow outside of the departures area, as workers in uniform walked off the job, standing in solidarity behind three colleagues in Toronto who were suspended for heckling the Labour Minister Lisa Raitt.

“We have freedom of speech in this country and we should be allowed to turn around if we disagree with a politician and what they’re saying; we should be able to turn around and voice our opinion,” one worker tells News1130, noting that’s why they walked off the job.

Most workers were cheering and yelling words like “solidarity” as people drove by, honking in support.

But the work stoppage ended as soon as union representative Todd Haverstock addressed the group, explaining the action was illegal because as injunction was ordered by Air Canada this morning.

“Our position right now, from the union, is to go back to work. This is a personal decision and there are repercussions if you choose not to go back to work,” he told the crowd.

The workers headed back inside to their regular duties.

There were some flight delays and two cancellations out of Vancouver, one to Calagary the other to San Francisico. Across the country, over 100  flights were delayed or cancelled.

Air Canada travellers are being advised to check the status of their flight before heading out to the airport.

Ground workers in Toronto walked off the job last night after Minister Raitt walked through the airport and was applauded sarcastically by some Air Canada workers. Three workers were then suspended.

When the illegal job action began, many people in Toronto had to leave flights already on the tarmac until management was able take over some baggage handling duties and allow the delayed flights to continue to their destination. In Ottawa, passengers on at least one flight were told to get off and return to the terminal.

The airline and its pilots and mechanics have been in a bitter contract feud that prompted the federal government to recently step in with legislation banning strikes or lockouts at the airline.

Raitt had insisted the government had to act to protect the national economy. Ottawa also had to intervene in contract disputes involving the airline’s flight attendants and its customer service agents.