UPDATE:  SkyTrain Expo Line switch problems have been fixed and service is being restored. Continue to expect delays and crowds.

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Brace yourself for big delays if you plan on taking the SkyTrain this morning.

Expo Line trains are running on a single track between Broadway and Nanaimo because of a switching problem.

“This is really starting to back things up, especially at stations like Broadway and Patterson,” explains TransLink‘s Derek Zabel. “We’re starting to see some pretty big delays especially at some stations in Surrey. Anywhere upwards of 30 minutes people are reported to be waiting for trains.”

“One of the options that people can try is to take the Millennium Line,” adds Zabel. “You’re still going to experience some delays on the Millennium Line, but it may not be as bad. You’re going to have to transfer trains at Commercial Station or over at Columbia Station.”

“I do apologize to those people,” says Zabel. “It certainly hasn’t been a very good commute today. You certainly don’t want these problems to happen during the morning commute, and I know that this can frustrate a lot of people. Hopefully we’ve earned the right to serve them again and get this problem rectified quickly.”

Transit riders at the Broadway Station are not very happy with the delay.

“There’s too many hamsters in a hamster cage. Everyone is going nuts and pushing each other. It’s crazy,” says this rider.

This woman says she’s experienced problems for years. “I’ve been riding this system for almost 15 years since I was a kid, and there’s been problems all the time.”

Zabel says at this time, there is no update on when this problem will be fixed.