VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It could have been a better night for Canucks fans, who watched their team play almost a quarter of the game short-handed, losing 4-2 to the LA Kings.

“We won the the Presidents’ Trophy, and they were eighth, yet it still felt like they were just as good as we were most of the night,” says one frustrated fan.

“If Sedin comes back, I think we have a better shot but the Kings are loaded either way,” says another. “I think we just have to press on.”

The loss has even given one man confidence. “They’re going to look back on this game and correct what they need to!”

Despite the loss, there was a triumphant return for a couple of fan-favourites: The off-ice antics of the Green Men outside the Kings’ penalty box had Sully and Force trending worldwide on Twitter.

Force says it must have been a result of their preparation. “We literally went to Value Village 45 minutes ahead of the game and came up with ideas for props and just started pointing at things.”

And there are still plenty of tricks in the Green Men’s bag.

“We don’t want to reveal too much, but we were hoping to play on Dustin Penner hurting his back while making pancakes earlier this year. Sure enough, he got a penalty and we leaned into the box and started yelling at him about the pancakes. He yelled a bit back so I think we might have to go after Penner and pancakes,” explains Force.

For what it’s worth, the Green Men do have a few words or encouragement for Canucks fans. “The bandwagon is lighter today, as expected, but I think the Canucks are fine. It’s a wake-up call; they just need to get their powerplay going.”

“I was actually most impressed with the fans last night. It’s been a very quiet year for the Canucks and their fans. They were actually pretty loud for most of the game,” says Force, who predicts the team will make it to the final round of the Stanley Cup playoffs again this year.