VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Two earthquakes in two days: There was one off the coast of Indonesia yesterday and another this morning near Mexico’s Baja California.

There are fears that Vancouver could be the next place to get hit next with a quake; it’s triggering more people to get training on what to do in the event of the “big one.”

City of Vancouver Emergency Planner Jackie Kloosterboer says although training sessions have increased in workplaces and community centres in the last few years, many people are still in the dark when it comes to knowing what to do.

In 2010, the City had about 50 training sessions. That figure grew to about 300 in 2011, after earthquakes in Japan and New Zealand. But Kloosterboer says more work needs to be done.

“We live in an area that is so overdue for an earthquake… the key is to get prepared. If the earthquake happens today and you’re not prepared, it’s too late,” she explains.

“We have a lot of people that work in Vancouver and live in other communities. If we have a major earthquake and bridges are closed, well those people are not going to be getting home. It’s really important to have your emergency plans in place,” notes Kloosterboer.

She recommends you have emergency supplies, contacts, and a designated meeting space for your family, just in case.

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