VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Good news for those of you worried about your surgery possibly being cancelled.

BC’s anesthesiologists won’t be pulling their services after all. But Roland Orfaly with the BC Anesthesiologist Society says that doesn’t mean their labour dispute is over.

“The reason we’re not exercising our right to withdraw services is because we don’t want that to be a distraction from the real need. That need is for a fair and effective process that will fix the problems in the health care system.”

Anesthesiologists have been clamouring to have their case heard in front of a conciliator appointed to hammer out an agreement between the province and the BC Medical Association.

“We feel the problems as far as patients accessing care and the shortage of anesthesiologists is so severe that the issue deserves to be addressed,” says Orfaly.

Because there is no impending walk out, a BC Supreme Court hearing into a possible injunction against job action has been adjourned.