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Enbridge pipeline protesters take to the streets of Victoria

VICTORIA (NEWS1130) – They say a major oil spill on our coast is simply a matter of time. Thousands expected to march at the BC Legislature in Victoria today against the Enbridge Pipeline.

Leila Darwish is one of the organizers of the protest and she thinks it’s important that people in big cities like Vancouver and Victoria work together with the rest of the province.

“People in the south and in the cities have to stand with the communities that are impacted in the north. We have to tell them that nobody wants this pipeline and if it comes, it’s going to cause a lot of damage,” Darwish tells News1130. “We know that oil spills happen, it’s not a matter of if but when. If it happens on our coast, we’re going to lose so much and I think we all stand to lose in this province.”

Darwish adds she’s been inspired by others living up north.

“Watching stuff going on up north and seeing how amazing the people are in terms of organizing. You have all the different rallies going on in places like Prince Rupert. You have folks in Bella Bella doing a hunger strike. People just want to show solidarity.”

She firmly believes the majority of people in BC don’t support the Northern Gateway Project, and hopes today can provide the tools for those who want to fight.

This afternoon, the protesters will participate in a teach-in at Victoria’s Centennial Square.