VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Win, lose or draw, some fans’ loyalty to the team is permanent; for example, Chris Schneider’s giant Johnny Canuck tattoo covering his entire inner-left forearm.

But no, he didn’t get it in June of last year like so many others who may now be looking into removal costs. His was done in 2009, when the Canucks were knocked out in the second round by Chicago.

He knows this die-hard show of support isn’t for everyone. “It depends on what level of fandom they have. For me, it will never be wavering; but for someone that might be little bit more emotional about it, they might have regretted it.”

Chris feels it is a bad move to do it out of impulse.

“Just with any tattoo, it is something that you are going to have permanently on your body for a very long time. Make sure it is something you can stand behind and support for a very long time.”