VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – This could be the game that ends it all for the Canucks. With the team down three games to none, fans all over the Lower Mainland will be glued to their TVs tonight for Game 4.

News1130 caught up with one man who’s feeling a little uneasy today; after three losses, his optimism is fading. “I don’t think they have a chance. They just can’t score. If they’re going to win this one, they’ll win it all.”

“It’s over. The season’s over tonight,” says another. “Realistically, as a lawyer of 27 years, I just follow the evidence. The evidence says we’re going to lose.”

Despite his pessimism, he notes you’ve got to stick with the team through the good and bad. Some fans tell us they might avoid watching the game altogether, as it could be too painful to watch.

Game 5 ticket holders waiting for tonight’s outcome

There’s at least one sign hope is still alive for loyal fans; people seem to be holding on to their Game 5 tickets.

Kingsley Bailey with Vancouver Ticket Service says ticket holders remain faithful. “We haven’t seen an excess of people trying to sell their tickets. I think reality is setting in, people are just waiting to see if, in fact, there is another game.”

“There have been a number of tickets available that ticket holders have been trying to sell, but that was earlier — after the first game,” he adds.

Bailey notes the supply for Game 5 tickets is high and the demand is low; that means if the team makes it back onto home ice, the price could be a lot more affordable.

Tonight’s game starts at 7 p.m. News1130 will have game updates every 10 minutes on the fives and goal alerts when they happen. For up to the minute Sports coverage, you can follow us on Twitter @News1130Sports or subscribe to breaking news alerts sent directly to your inbox.