VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The Cancer Man is revealing his secrets. “Where There’s Smoke” is the autobiography of actor William B. Davis.

He has appeared in more than 130 movies, TV shows, and plays; but the 74-year-old is best-known for smoking cigarettes on the X-Files. But he’s most proud of the people who’ve been mentored through his William Davis Centre for Actors’ Study.

“There have been quite a few significant stars — Lucy Lawless and so on — and then a lot of working actors and a lot of people who’ve just gotten good training and then have used it to do community theatre or as a way into other aspects of the profession,” he explains.

Davis still gets recognized as the Cancer Man from the X-Files and says it was humbling to land a role like that so late in his career. “Because if you become a celebrity or a star or whatever it was I became in my 50s… You know, it was chance; it was a piece of good fortune.”

“If it happens in your early 20s, you’re apt to think it was God-given and it was your right and proper place in the universe!” he adds.

Davis will be signing copies of the book tonight at Vancouver’s Nightwatch Video.