SURREY (NEWS1130) – An animal rights activist with somewhat of a questionable past will make her case to Surrey city council tomorrow, hoping the governing body will vote in favour of a law that would make it illegal to leave a dog chained up in a yard.

Janet Olson founded A Better Life Dog Rescue and says no matter what breed, chaining up a dog isn’t humane and should be made illegal.

“The reason people get guard dogs is because they’re cheap,” says Olson.

“All they have to do is buy a length of chain and a doghouse and maybe not even that and put them on the end of it and then leave them there for the rest of their lives and they’ve got a very cheap alarm system.”

Olson will plead her case in front of council tomorrow but past allegations of criminal behaviour against her and her group are also dogging her.

Olson was arrested in November and she and a co-defendant are accused by the RCMP of stealing a bulldog named Samson from a home in Port Coquitlam and other dogs from homes in Abbotsford, White Rock, Surrey and Richmond.

She says the charges and pending trial shouldn’t affect how she’s received by Surrey council.

“If it was somebody else presenting this to the council meeting, would they listen to it then if it wasn’t me?”

“I mean does it matter who is presenting it, isn’t it the material that the council listens to.”

Olson is set for trial next month, she and her group deny the claims.