VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The next time you pay for parking, watch out what money you use; new coins could fail in 30 per cent of Vancouver’s parking meters.

Callers to News1130 have reported putting the new loonies and toonies in meters, and then not having any time show up on the display.

Taryn Scollard with the City says they haven’t received any complaints yet. “We’re proactively taking the necessary steps to upgrade all our meters. As of right now, about 70 per cent of the meters have been upgraded to accept the new coins.”

How will you know whether the coins will work?

“I’m not exactly sure which ones,” she admits. “I believe specifically the credit card-enabled ones have not been upgraded yet, as well as a few others.”

If you have a problem, she suggests you call 3-1-1.

“We have the discretion of putting the money back on their pay-by-phone account,” explains Scollard. She isn’t saying how much the city is paying for this.

The new coins were brought in by the Canadian Mint because they cost less to make and are harder to counterfeit. Still, RCMP refuse to comment on whether fake coins are even a problem.