The majority of Canadians have a strong love affair with their smartphones, according to the results of a new poll from RBC.

The poll found 53 per cent of Canadians would actually give up things like TV, Internet or sleep, versus giving up their mobile device for only 24 hours.

Sharad Ojha, head of mobile channel strategy at RBC, said he was not surprised to see the results.

“(Firstly), if you go out in the market to buy a smartphone versus a feature phone, the cost differential is not too big, secondly the data plans are becoming cheaper and more affordable, so there is a lot of value in buying smartphones,” Ojha said.

The poll found the results ring true for both men and women.

“The gender bias was not seen in our survey, both men and women equally valued their devices,” Ojha said.

For example, twelve per cent of men and women said they would rather pass on coffee or tea instead of living without their smartphone.

Some other examples include people being willing to give up food and time with their family in order to hang onto the smartphone.