VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s providing green space in a part of Vancouver better known for it’s high priced, concrete condo towers. 

The third phase of Emery Barnes Park in Yaletown is complete, providing a respite from the urban environment surrounding it.  People in the neighbourhood say the park is getting lots of use.

“Having a chance to get out into a green space is really important,” says Ron Krpan who lives in a condo in the area. “It’s like our backyard,”

Bruce Acthim agrees:  “Always love spending some time here, watching the kids having a great time, lots of dogs, just a great addition to the neighbourhood.”

Others say it fills an important need as a community gathering spot.  

Rachelle Moon says her family uses it all the time. “The kids have met so many friends here, and we have a dog too, so the dog park is amazing,” she exclaims.

The first phase of the park opened in 2003 and brought fountains, a waterfall, and a stream to the area.

“It’s beautiful with the fountains, it’s a perfect spot to come out and have your lunch,” says Betty Phillips.

Russ Joyce, from Richmond believes the park is vital to the area. “It’s nice that parents can just sit and watch (their kids), and relax.  In the middle of the city, you don’t see this,” he stresses.

Phase three of Emery Barnes park has extended it to the corner of Seymour Street and Davie Street.

It was named after the MLA who was in the BC legislature for more than 2- years and was of the province’s first black politicians.