VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) -  How savvy are the elders in your life when it comes to fraud?

The financial crimes section of the Vancouver Police warns there’s been a spike in lottery scams.

They say crooks with no remorse are forming relationships  with elderly folks at their home or over the phone. They build up a rapport with their potential victims, chatting with them about their family or their favourite recipes.   

Then, the scams have people send processing fees of tens of thousands of dollars. In some cases it’s completely wiping out the life savings of trusting elderly victims.

Detective Rick Stewart says to watch for red flags like unfamiliar recurring transactions or hefty financial statements. Also, be aware of if your parents or grandparents suddenly start to struggle with the bills.
“If any of us got that kind of information, that our grandparents or our parents were doing that sort of thing, we’d step in right away,” he stresses. “So we need all of you to be vigilant.”
Stewart says victims are often too embarrassed to tell family or police.