VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The ongoing BC teachers’ dispute has led to the cancellation of some BC high school sports tournaments but at least one event has been saved. The annual rugby championships are a go.

Organizing association president Brian Lynch says thanks to some independent schools, they now have the 32 teams they need pull off both the AAA and the AA championships.

“Community coaches and parents have come forward,” Lynch says. “A large contingent of independent schools, obviously, are not affected.”

“There are some teams that would, under normal circumstances, have been able to represent their zones, but they’ve chosen not too,” he adds. “But there are other schools within the zone who would be prepared to step up and take their places.”

Other provincial sports tournaments are not so lucky.

BC’s high school golf and mountain biking tournaments have been cancelled because of the teachers’ dispute. The track and field championships are still in limbo.