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Dix takes wait-and-see approach to pipeline expansion

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – While some local politicians are taking a firm stand against a plan to expand the Kinder Morgan oil pipeline from Alberta to Burrard Inlet, BC’s NDP leader is taking a wait-and-see approach.

Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson has proposed a motion at council trying to legally protect the city in case of an oil spill in Burrard Inlet if the Kinder Morgan pipeline is twinned and brings in a lot more oil every day.

Asked where he stands on the project, NDP leader Adrian Dix says there are questions around environmental risk and energy and economics.

“We, like everyone else, will be posing those questions,” he says.  “But in fairness, we don’t have a proposal yet, and I think that the issues raised by mayors and others are valid. Ones that I am sure Kinder Morgan will have to respond to.”

“I think [people] need to take a deep breath but I think…people have every right to be involved and to pose their questions, from the mayor of Burnaby to the mayor of Vancouver to other elected people, but also to citizens of our city.”

Yesterday, the Vancouver Park Board voted to oppose expanding the Kinder Morgan pipeline as well.

Dix is, however, opposed to the Enbridge Northern Gateway oil pipeline from Alberta’s oil sands to the northern BC coast. The NDP formally registered its opposition yesterday.