VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If you earn minimum wage, you’re getting a raise today.

The minimum rate of pay for BC workers is now $10.25 an hour, while the minimum wage for liquor servers is increasing to $9.00 an hour.

Ian Tostenson, President and CEO of the British Columbia Restaurant Association, says the increase puts a strain on the industry.

“You have to keep your doors open so you start looking at putting your prices up a bit. You’re going to get some inflation around your menu prices to cope with the increasing cost,” explains Tostenson.

“Restaurants have really been selective about doing that [raising prices]. It’s difficult for the industry to put prices up and make price adjustment at a time when consumers are being a little stingy with their dollars.”

Tostenson adds some establishment owners may have to work more as well.

“You could either cut your labour costs, use labour as efficiently as you possibly can. We’re seeing a lot more owners, in particular small independent restaurants, being much more involved in the daily operations of restaurants.”

And some eateries may have to shut their doors believes Tostenson. “I think you’ll see an economic rationalization. Where there is a lot of pressure is with the independent restaurants.”

This is the final raise in a set of minimum wage increases announced by the BC Government in 2011.

Even with the latest boost, a lot of you are finding it hard to get by as food, gas and housing prices continue to rise.

This man used to make what minimum wage is now, but that was 10 years ago, and he found it difficult then.

“For sure it’s gotten more expensive since then, probably more than 10 per cent. I would imagine that’s a bit of a struggle even if you’re working full-time.”

This woman is a pastry chef with a decent salary and still finds it hard to live comfortably in the Lower Mainland. She says she couldn’t do it if she made minimum wage.

“Especially if you have children. There is no way you could pay for after-school care, before-school care or preschool. It would really be a struggle.”

However, some say it’s all about perspective.

One man from the Czech Republic tells News1130, minimum wage is a lot lower in other parts of the world.