NORTH VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Grad classes at two North Vancouver high schools might be engaged in a risky and raunchy competition.

The Mounties have been called in to investigate after the school district received an anonymous email containing some serious allegations regarding Grade 12 students at Windsor and Seycove Secondary Schools.

The email contains claims of a disturbing competition where students are supposed to videotape their exploits, which include streaking, stealing, raunchy stunts, and even sex acts with younger high schoolers.

Victoria Miles with the School District explains accusations such as these must be taken seriously. “When we receive an email with the kind of descriptions that we’ve received… we approach it with an abundance of caution [and] great seriousness. That’s why we involve law enforcement.”

The email suggests this contest has been going on for several years. Students can apparently win points for the various activities. A secret grad committee is supposed to select the winners.

“We will be communicating with parents and with families in the school communities. The first step is to encourage people who have more information to be able to bring it forward,” she explains.

Miles says what happens next depends on the information they get.