VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Vancouver’s Chief of Police, Jim Chu, is hoping crime stats showing a decrease in the number of murders in the city will make people feel safer after a long-time gangster was gunned down in southeast Vancouver yesterday.

Ranjit Cheema, 44, who’s crime history goes back to the Bindy Johal days of the mid-90′s, is the latest gangster to fall.
Just a few days before he was gunned down, local crime figure Thomas Gisby was shot dead in Mexico, which prompted police to warn people about high gang tensions.
Jim Chu admits he’s concerned, but says people should keep it all in perspective.

“I would just like remind the public, that the police have had some success, shots fired in Vancouver are down, we can provide you with that information, homicides are down.”

Back in January, another major player, Sandip Duhre was killed in downtown Vancouver and gangster Jonathan Bacon was shot dead in Kelowna back in August.
No arrests have been made in any of those cases.