DELTA (NEWS1130) – There are changes to the way the Delta Police Department handles domestic abuse cases. A dedicated unit is following up on high-risk files.

Any case where there has been an assault or where something very violent has taken place between partners will now be handed over to the Domestic Violence Unit.

The unit was established last fall and currently has one officer, Constable Erin Gray.

“We’re a smaller department, but we saw the need for education and a possibility to look at these types of files and make sure that we’re putting a little bit of extra work into it,” explains Sergeant Cal Traversy.

“[We need to] make sure that the safety of the people involved in these types of files is taken care of [and] make sure that we’re working with all the agencies so the correct things can be done,” he adds.

In the past year, Delta Police have seen roughly 60 domestic assault cases. There were 120 homicides related to “partner violence” over the last eight years, according to the BC Coroner Service.