VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Earlier this week, News1130 first told you about BC flaggers complaining that drivers caught speeding in construction zones aren’t being given doubled fines — as the signs clearly claim.

We’re now hearing from BC’s transportation minister about the issue; Blair Lekstrom says some of those signs are outdated.

“Those signs indicate the doubling of the fines; the maximum was $150 when those were put up in the 1990s. The minimum fine today in a work zone is $196,” he explains.

Since the 1990s, the fine structure has changed to graduated fines, which Lekstrom feels better reflects the seriousness of the offence.

“The signs that say they will be doubled [and] the fines… I’m going to work with the attorney general on that to ensure that there’s no question of what’s going to take place,” he adds.

The range of fines for speeding in a construction zone is currently from $196 to $483, based on how fast you were going.