BELLINGHAM, WA (NEWS1130) -  Some good news if you’re doing some cross-border shopping and debit is your favorite way of paying. Retailers in Bellingham are set to become even more Canadian-friendly.

Ken Oplinger is with the Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce and says debit cards have always been an issue there, but that could change.

“We are in negotiations with a company that hopefully by the end of June, retailers in Bellingham will be able to start accepting Canadian debit cards at their locations.”

The problem is many merchants in the US still don’t have have PIN pads.

News1130 called a number of stores at Bellis Fair Mall asking if they accept Canadian debit cards, and got a variety of answers.

“Most of them,” was the answer from Target.

And the Old Country Buffet., “We do. The only one we don’t accept is CIBC.”

What about Cinnabon? “We do not take Canadian debit, but we do take all the mall credit cards.” 

Depending on the package with your bank, Cross-Border Debit, when it’s accepted, could cost around $1 per transaction.