VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – While the chorus for decriminalizing marijuana is growing stronger, a gang expert says regulating the pot industry will do nothing to reduce crime.

City councils, former attorneys-general and even medical health officers say the move would lower gang violence.

But Doug Spencer, a former Vancouver gang unit detective,  believes it wouldn’t put a single dent in criminal activity.

“In fact, it may be more cut-throat and you’ll see more violence, because there will be  less of the lion’s share of drugs to pick from,” he surmises.

He says people are delusional if they think removing marijuana from the drug trade will prompt gangsters to get proper day jobs.

“They don’t like working nine to five. You will not change their lifestyles at all. You’re going to change their crimes. They’ll sell more cocaine, more ecstasy, they’ll do more robberies. All you’re doing is taking one avenue of money away from them,” he insists.

Spencer believes the health care system would also be swamped with new addicts.

Spencer now spends his spare time with the Odd Squad, a program that tries to steer kids away from joining gangs.