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Hastings race horse put down after accident

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – A horse named Desperate has been put down after an accident during a race at Hastings Race Course this afternoon.

Howard Blank, the vice president of Great Canadian Gaming says one horse broke down, which caused two other jockeys to jump off from their horse to avoid colliding with the injured animal.

Blank points out it’s the first such accident to occur this year, though “it does happen when you’re dealing with animals and humans.”

He says  it’s a tough situation after such a big day yesterday.
“It’s quite sad, concerning the celebration’s been going on with Mario Gutierrez’s winning the Kentucky Derby, our own jockey from Hastings winning the toughest race in the world,” he says. “So it’s been pretty celebratory today and yesterday and then this happened.”

Another horse, named Ice Capped, was also injured in the collision but won’t be euthanized.

Blank adds the jockey who was tossed from Desperate is in hospital with possible broken ribs.

When horses break leg bones, they don’t know not to put weight on it, which is why they’re usually euthanized. Often, horses are insured by their owners.

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I wish the local trainers would start training and apply traditional schooling methods to their horses instead incessantly cutting corners by using blinkers! Only highly unfocused and extremely unmanageable traffic wreck horses should only be wearing them. I strongly doubt this filly was such. This sad example is the prime reason it is frowned on in European training and racing.

May 27, 2013 at 2:41 pm