VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – The BC Public School Employers’ Association has taken a significant step to stop teachers from withdrawing out-of-classroom activities.

They have filed an application to the Labour Relations Board to have teachers resume duties such as coaching, organizing theatrical plays, and supervising field trips.

Hugh Finlayson is the Association’s CEO and says teachers must resume whatever they were doing before they went on strike.

“When you make a concerted effort to withdraw activities for the purposes of putting pressure on another party, that’s a strike. And it’s not permitted,” stresses Finlayson. “So whatever your normal worklife was prior to the strike needs to be restored. That’s what the labour code says.”

Teachers have been banned from striking for 6 months. In response to that ban, they withdrew voluntary duties in April.

The LRB will hear the employers’ application this Friday.

This all comes on the same day the BC Teachers Federation asked the BC Supreme Court to have the mediator in its labour dispute with the BC Government removed.

The BCTF says Charles Jago is biased in his views on Bill 22. The LRB earlier ruled it did not have jurisdiction to review Jago’s appointment.

The federation says this is the next step.