VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It now connects almost everything we do in our lives; what would you give up for an Internet connection?

“The Internet really is changing how we live our lives,” says Robert Switzman, who is the senior director of emerging business for Rogers and one of the people responsible for the annual Rogers Innovation Report, tracking Canadians’ technology views and habits.

“Canadians are dependent upon the Internet. It really has become a way that we connect with other people, things, and businesses and all these connections are enabling people to change the way they do their daily lives,” he notes.

Almost four in 10 British Columbians value the Internet as much or more than essential services like electricity and water. Two-thirds expect to become increasingly dependent on it.

“They would actually gladly give up things like beer or liquor, chocolate, or even coffee, just because [the Internet is] so important to their lives. It’s something they can’t possibly live without,” explains Switzman.

Seven per cent of Canadians would give up sex and four per cent would give up daily bathing for an Internet connection.

Half believe they could make better decisions about what they buy if they were able to use their mobile device to read a barcode to get info on a company’s corporate responsibility practices. Just as many people say they would make better decisions about diet and exercise if technology allowed them to track vitals, such as blood sugar levels, heart rate and cholesterol.

Sixty-six percent of British Columbians agree they would consider leaving a job to work for a company that allows their employees to work from anywhere.

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