KAMLOOPS (NEWS1130) – A Ford Focus on the Coquihalla Highway became a delivery room Monday when a pregnant Merritt couple on their way to Kamloops discovered their baby wasn’t going to wait for the hospital.
Dan Bigelow says his daughter’s sudden arrival was a surprise.
“My wife’s water broke and then she told me she felt like she had to push, and then when we looked over there was a baby head there, so, that was kind of disbelief for a minute there, and I was like ‘What?! we’re still 20 minutes out’.”
Bigelow called 911 and ambulance dispatcher Corey deDelley was able to calm the anxious dad and coach him through delivering his new baby daughter.

The new dad calls deDelley his hero, but deDelley says Bigelow can also take some of the credit for the successful delivery.

“Well, when you have a great person on the other end of the phone, listening to the directions and doing them verbatem, it’s quite simple. It is something that we are trained to do in the dispatch operations centre.”

Little Mikayla was born 10 minutes after deDelly began helping the Dad. Mom and daughter are doing well.