SOUTHERN INTERIOR (NEWS1130) – If you’re heading to the Southern Interior this weekend, be careful around rivers and streams, with the warmer temperatures comes a high stream flow advisory.

Although there is no sign of flooding in the Fraser Valley yet, Dave Campbell with the River Forecast Centre has some advice for people who are looking to take advantage of the first hot weekend of the year.

“Probably the urge to go out camping with the warm weather and all that kind of stuff, but certainly using caution around rivers is good.”

Campbell is urging campers to use caution this weekend, “we’ve got the snow melt thing and rivers are pretty dynamic so things can change quite rapidly”
Fraser Valley Emergency Planner Lynn Orstad says things will have to heat up in Prince George to make the Fraser River swell. “So we’d be talking about 26 degrees and up, over a period of five to eight days.”

She says they’re keeping an eye on the forecast, just to be safe, and people will likely see normal water activity.

“They will see the river, what we call pulse, go up and go down, and this is perfectly normally in spring freshet time.”