VICTORIA (NEWS1130) – The province’s Criminal Justice Branch has determined there will be no homicide charge in connection with the death of 18-year-old Jamie Kehoe on a bus in Surrey last October.

For the Crown to bring about charges, it has be certain that the suspect was not acting in self-defence.
The Crown council’s Neil MacKenzie says it looks as though the suspect struck out at Kehoe because he himself was being attacked.

“It does appear on the evidence of a number of witnesses that that weapon was produced in response to being struck with a collapsible metal baton that had been extended and he was being struck repeatedly with that baton.”

MacKenzie stresses that witness accounts differ quite a bit, with the number of passengers on the bus at the time providing conflicting evidence.

The fight began when Kehoe’s female friend taunted another woman on the bus on 72 Ave. and 134 St. That other woman then punched Kehoe’s friend. Other friends jumped in, and the unnamed suspect was beaten with the baton. But it’s unclear whether Kehoe got involved, or if he was simply stabbed because of his close proximity to the others.

It is also unclear what kind of weapon was used on Kehoe or when it was produced.  

Jamie’s great uncle says the family was fully expecting charges to be laid. Terry Kehoe says he can’t believe the suspect is getting off without any charges.

“If you take out a knife and kill someone with it, that should be enough for charges. The suspect wasn’t defending his own home, this was out in public,” recalls Kehoe.

“There won’t ever be any closure, no satisfaction. The family members are totally going to be frustrated. When there are no charges laid, there’s just no more hope.”