VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Could it really be here? This warm springtime weather lets us believe that summer is just around the corner.

“I see this streak going on for quite a long time,” explains News1130 Meteorologist Russ Lacate. “It’s very unusual; we only occasionally get these warm spells in early May.”

“I looked at the all-time records for this date in history and they’re around 22 to 23 degrees for the coast and about 25 inland. That’s where the numbers are going this weekend,” he adds.

The warm temperatures will remain into for several days.

“It’s a July-sized high-pressure ridge that’ll get the job done. We’re just going to start to see that warming trend today,” says Lacate.

He’s predicting a sunny day with a high of 16 by the water and 20 inland.

“Tomorrow and Mother’s Day, [we're expecting] 20 to at least 25 degrees. It’s a blue sky both days and we get more of the same straight into next week,” he notes.

Vancouverites excited for the warm weather

News1130 hit the street in downtown Vancouver, asking people if they’re ready to start slathering on that sunscreen.

We met one man who recently moved to the Lower Mainland. He bought a $50 umbrella that broke right away, with all the rain and wind. But he’s certainly glad he doesn’t need it anymore with this weekend’s forecast.

“Not only am I ready for it, but I’ve been expecting it and waiting for it. I’m from Alberta, so any time I get a chance to be a part of this, I’m happy to do it,” he explains.

A woman wearing a big, bright smile, tells us getting up early for work today wasn’t so painful with the nice weather. Is she ready for more?

“Absolutely! I’m so looking forward to the sunshine every day!” she tells us. She plans to head to the golf course this weekend.

He’s looking forward to exploring the city and spending most of his time outside.