VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Premier Christy Clark is heading to Asia in the hope of drumming up more than trade.

Before leaving on her trip, Clark spoke to reporters at Vancouver International Airport. She says stops in Japan and Korea will see her focus on developing markets for BC natural gas. In the Philippines, Clark wants to let people know about job opportunities in our province.

“We can go over to China and Korea and Japan and India, and open up new markets and find new buyers for our goods, creating jobs here in British Columbia, but you have to have people who can fill those jobs. That is the only way you can make sure the economy grows.”

Clark notes the Philippines’ top export to BC right now is it’s citizens with more than 125,000 Filipino immigrants already in this province. She says more will need to cross the Pacific to keep our economy growing.

“In British Columbia, we have a million job openings coming up in the next 10 years — a million — and we don’t have nearly enough people to fill them. We are going to have to rely on immigration to our province to make sure we fill those jobs.”

Clark is the first BC premier to visit Manila as she acknowledges the Filipino economy is expected to move into the top 20 in the world over the next few decades.