VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – If you like it hot, you will certainly like one of the first summer forecasts of the season for Canada; most of the country could see a very hot, very dry summer (Notice we said most of the country).

“It looks like at least two-thirds of Canada will probably be dealing with a very warm-to-hot summer compared to normal,” says AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson.

In fact, the US-based forecaster is predicting one of the hottest and driest summers in 20 years for Canada, except in BC and Quebec.

“Looking at southern Alberta, [and] southern Saskatchewan through much of Manitoba, temperatures should be well-above normal throughout the course of the summer and it also looks like a slightly drier summer compared to normal across these areas,” predicts Anderson.

“This particular region, though, has been experiencing very warm and dry summers… about 80 per cent of the time over the last dozen or so years, so it’s nothing new,” he notes.

Accuweather predicts coastal BC temperatures will be near-normal for the summer, with the western edge of the heat stretching only as far as the interior of the province.

“In my opinion, much of BC will have a very pleasant summer, but there is going to be a difference between the coast and… into the mountains,” explains Anderson.

“Along the coast, we do expect to see a continuation of below-normal ocean water temperatures through the summer and that should have a slight cooling effect right along the immediate coast, probably leading to a little more fog than usual,” he adds.

Environment Canada‘s preliminary outlook calls for a warmer than normal summer for much of Canada, including the Lower Mainland.

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