VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Gearing up for a long weekend trip across the border? You’re certainly not the only one!

New figures show Canadian shoppers are spending more than ever across the line and the numbers are expected to increase.

A study from BMO Capital Markets finds as much as eight to 10 per cent of Canadian consumer spending now flows outside the border, while Statistics Canada pegs it at four per cent.

Starting June 1st, travellers returning from a 24-hours trip can spend $200 at the duty-free shop; that’s four times the current $50 limit. Anyone coming home from a 48-hour absence can legally return with $800 worth of goods, which is double the current limit for that time period.

When you couple that with the strong loonie, BMO predicts Canadian retailers will take even more of a hit. That isn’t much of a surprise, given BMO took a basket of goods and found prices were an average 14 per cent higher here than in the US.

Items like running shoes are 37 per cent more expensive here, Nike + iPod sensors are 31 per cent higher and a Pottery Barn children’s backpack is 26 per cent more expensive.