VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – Is what’s good for the Liberals good for you?

We asked a political analyst what’s really behind the move to scrap AirCare and overrule BC Hydro on its proposed rate hike.

With Christy Clark‘s numbers falling and with her party losing support on the right to the BC Conservatives, some say the premier has to make some bold moves if she wants to survive past the next election.

“Now she’s realizing she’s got to bulk up and get those rural, Interior British Columbians who have supported the BC Liberals — though often by holding their nose — back on track,” argues Dennis Pilon, a political scientist with Ontario’s York University.

He adds the Liberals can’t afford to wait for the tide to turn. “They’ve got to do something and this is, I think, a very clear indication of the kind of things they’re prepared to consider.”    

Pilon also points out these aren’t exactly original tactics. He believes the Tories’ scrapping of environmental review policies is another example of a right-wing government willing to ditch green initiatives to curry mainstream voters.