VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – It’s a bittersweet victory for Vancouver council’s Adriane Carr. Her motion to reduce Vancouver’s problem with cigarette litter has passed, but her opponents threw in an amendment.

The motion passed unanimously but was changed by Vision councillors to look at reducing all types of litter, not just cigarette butts.

We asked Vancouver’s lone civic Green politician if she’s happy with that move.

“I wasn’t, you know in general I think we can get the work done to put the direct butt receptacles on the street but it’s not as clear and direct as my motion,” Carr says. “The modifications made by the Vision councillors to broaden it out could mean that cigarette butts centrally get lost in the variety of other actions to reduce litter.”

She says it will take due diligence from city staff to find some focus.

Carr hopes ashtrays and cigarette containers can eventually be put around the city.  She also wants to see public education on how tossed butts are actually quite harmful.